A quick pedal from Angel Fire leads to a beautiful aspen grove.


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Angel Fire's local town trails are known as either the "Greenbelt Trails" or simply the "Angel Fire Trails," and they are located across the highway from the ski resort.

Running through residential areas and into the woods, you can create several small loops, ranging from true beginner to upper-intermediate in difficulty.

The route mapped here is one of the best options, hitting some of the best chunks of singletrack. To begin, pedal out from "downtown" Angel Fire on El Sendero Del Sol to reach the Bear Trail.

Bear climbs up a mellow meadow to reach Coyote, where the climbing begins in earnest.

After a few steep switchbacks, you've gained most of the elevation and will undulate up and down as you climb and descend a series of ridges on a beautiful, narrow singletrack trail.

Coyote is one of the highlights of the Greenbelt Area, passing through gorgeous aspen groves on dark black dirt.

Roots cross the trail, and the occasional rock crops up, but overall it isn't too difficult. This route goes out of its way to reach a sweet set of berms that have recently been built on the Powerline Trail.

While you can climb a steep hike-a-bike from Coyote to the top of the berms, the route mapped here drops out onto a dirt road and ascends the gravel road for a more rideable climb. The small pack of berms provides a swoopy, flowy romp through a small stand of trees that's over far too soon.

Once done with the berms, you can finish the descent back to town on the somewhat awkward Sage Trail, or cut over to Deer for a less-awkward but very mellow descent.