Steep but smooth trail through the forest, reaching two notable overlooks above Eklutna Lake.


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This trail at Eklutna Lake in Chugach State Park is popular for its vista over the expansive glacial valley.

It is primarily a hike through the forest, but at 1.75 miles, you'll reach the first overlook––a wooden bench with a commanding view of the lake plus surrounding peaks, and a glimpse of the glaciers beyond.

Many people turn around at this first bench, but if you continue to the second bench you'll find an entirely different perspective. As the trail approaches the second bench, birch forest becomes replaced by alder and other low trees of the subalpine, opening up views of the Twin Peaks.

Once at the bench you can sit and enjoy the panorama of these soaring, craggy summits as well as the grassy alpine bowl overhead, and a rushing stream below. From the bottom to the top, Twin Peaks Trail is continually steep, but always wide and fairly smooth.

Thus, it's of moderate difficulty despite the incline.

Those unaccustomed to mountain hiking can take it slow and steady, while those with seasoned legs can crank it out in no time.

Note that an extension of this trail leads to Pepper Peak, offering even better views and a rewarding summit.