Mount Decoeli is the pyramidal peak you can see from Haines Junction. From the summit on a clear day you get a sweeping view of the mountains, valleys, and icefields of Kluane National Park


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



Note: This hike is within the Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary and not in the National Park & Reserve.

Start by walking to the south-end of the pull-out.

Continue walking in the grass towards the trees, and you should come across an obvious wide path through the forest.

Follow the path until you reach the creek bed. At the creek bed, turn slightly right, and head up along it.

Continue following the creek.

You may have to dodge into the bushes every once in a while, and you may want to cross the creek here and there.

Your actual route will depend on the height of the creek, but overall the going is fairly straightforward. After about 5 km you will reach the base of a rock glacier.

To your right is a worn trail that leaves the creek bed and starts climbing up onto the grassy slopes.

Follow it upwards. Hiking on the grassy slopes is a relief from hiking on the creek bed, but you will now start to climb upwards.

Above you is the summit of Decoeli.

You will be heading slightly to the left of the peak.

Angle towards the high grassy slope on the left of the peak. You will soon leave the pleasant vegetated slopes and eventually reach the talus slopes that lead to the summit.

Hike up the talus slope to the shoulder below the summit (again, heading slightly to your left).

Then look up and hike the final talus slope to the summit.

This part is not particularly fun, as the rocks are loose and for every two steps you take up, you will slip one step back. Eventually your hard work will pay off and you will reach the summit.

The views are incredible in every direction.

You can see deep into the St.

Elias icefields as well.

Return the way you came up.