The first of the two lift-served trails in Neustift im Stubaital









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If you like technical single trails easily accessible by the gondola, this is definitely the area you need to visit strolling around Innsbruck! Never change a running system they say - this trail has been the first one built in Neustift and, even if the years are running by - the trail is so good that it is always the same! From the top of Elferbahn - the trail starts just next to the slope used by paraglider for taking off - and it goes all the way down to the valley, always facing north.

The trail is maintained but not too clean - this adds that perfect spice needed and which is often missing in the flow trails around the area.

Roots, rock gardens, rocks rolls are the main course here, which quite a few berms and some side hits.

The gradient of the trail is just perfect: never too step and doesn’t require do be on the brakes all the time, letting you find the perfect flow to play around these natural features.

In the very lower part - where the trail merges with the other one trail from this area - you could find two wooden drops of different sizes which lead straight into a wall ride, before heading in front of the perfect hut where to stop for a few beers during the last lap! Do not exaggerate thought, you still need to be able to focus for the very last section of the trail, back to the car. Some narrow sections in the forest might be really slippery when wet, especially in the mid section which doesn’t get much sun after a rainfall - be careful especially where the trail gets a bit more exposed.