Explore Gozo's deserted north coast









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There's not much technical riding on this trip so you can just get on with enjoying the scenery and the unique ambience of Gozo's wild north coast.

Start out in Gharb village and head north on quiet roads which lead eventually to a bumpy track.

Ride down this to reach the jeep track which will lead you along the coast. The jeep track leads you north and directly to the famous Wied el Mielah arch - a well known feature and the location of some adventurous rock climbing on the rough rock for which Gozo is known.

There is a walkway down to sea level and it's worth wandering down to take a closer look at this spectacular natural feature.

Get back on the jeep track and head for one of Gozo's most spectacular swimming spots - the Wied el Ghasri inlet.

It's only a short detour to the inlet from the jeep track and taking a dip in the clear water is highly recommended.

The inlet winds out to the open ocean - the water gets very deep as you near the edge of it and it can suddenly get quite choppy so all but the strongest of swimmers are recommended to stay in the shallower part of it.

If you've brought a snorkel along then there's even more reason to explore the inlet, and you might be lucky enough to see an octopus in the crystal clear water. Saddle up again and follow the track to the edge of Il-Qbajjar village and the main coastal road.

Roll along this through Il-Qbajjar and then into Marsalforn, where food and drink awaits!