A long line without many skills required, although the lower part of the line does get slightly steeper.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Start the line from the red slope "Les Combes", and turn to the right side instead of going down the red slope.

Keep your speed as you will need to cross a higher part into the middle section. Other than a few rocks in the middle of the line, there are not many hazards over this part of the mountain, just remember that this area is well exposed to the sun which means that hard packed snow can be found in case after wet weather and cold temperatures.

Stay as high as the chairlift as a navigation guide, then we will have to cross this into the steepest part.

The crossing will happen after the little patch of trees, in the middle more or less of the "Les Combes" chairlift.

Here will be the steepest part, where avalanches risk will be at the highest, but it's only 50 meters long and provides access to the red slope "Les Combes" and to the same chairlift including the "Cornebois" one.

This area is often tracked as it is easy to reach.