Beautiful loop hike in remote Seiland National Park with views on fjords, glacial lakes, rivers and ice caps.



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We started and ended the hike in Altneset village.

From Altneset, walk north along the Kufjord.

First while on a road and the rest through bushes and rocks by the coast until a col leading towards Sommersetvannet.

Head up the col which is rather easy to hike, you may find an ATV track to follow.

Continue all the way on the east side of the island where valley of Melkelva opens up.

Take a while to take in the views.

What a beautiful valley! Here you find good camping spots, we stayed the night there. Next continue navigating towards the blue glacier lakes of Melkevatna.

Here again there may be an ATV track to follow.

Continue further northwest until Nordre Steinvatnet where you will find good camping spots.

To get a better view on the Seilandsjokelen ice cap, you may take a tour higher up.

This was partly steep and challenging terrain with plenty of snow patches even in July and some scrambling was necessary.

Our initial plan was to cross the highlands next to the ice cap all the way until Strovmmajavri and attempt to cross on the Seilandstuva side of the island.

This plan was soon abandoned due to the challenge of the terrain and because the weather started rolling in. From Nordre Steinvatnet, navigate the col leading back towards Kufjord.

This was partly steep and scrambling was necessary.

We camped by the fjord on a little cape.

Continue south along the fjord back to the village.