The steepest line around which is only for experts. A fall might kill you and rescue is really complicated.









FATMAP difficulty grade



A real steep line where the famous sentence of Patrick Vallencant, "If you fall you die" is appropriate.

There are two ways to go up; either from the top of the "Le lac" ski lift climbing the gully where ice axes will be needed and 50 meters of rope can help, as can good climbing skills.

The other way is to follow the arête at the bottom of the ski lift "Le Lac". And climbing like the "Corne's sunny side", to me the second is much safer and will void some climbing skills needed in this part of the mountain.

Face is well protected from the sun but weather windows is again really important, as avalanche risks remain really high due to the steepness.

Small turns will be the only way possible, middle of the line will be the complicated to manage before you entering to the big patch of snow after the narrow gully.

Avalanches will be still really possible at the bottom, remember that the flat part on the right close the bottom of the line got a lake, so keep it clearly away from the flat area, a bit of walking will bring you back to the blue slope "La Chaux (Abondance)".

Steepest part at the end of the gully will be really steep ice axe might useful into this part.

This line will request as well a half day.