A full ski tour around bringing to some long skins walk and into a really steep line.


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FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a ski tour who will required a full day depends of your speed, but the blue slope "Retour Village" will be the best to save some time.

Into the lower section turn on the right to follow a small road.

Our aim is to take as much speed to void some extra skins work, we will be alongside a road further bringing us to the end of a valley.

Area is quiet as only few houses are there, as soon as the road is finished we will follow up the little river what will bring into a long way up, basically we are going to skins up into a gully.

Different options of lines are available, remember the summit will be steep what make avalanche risk really high, and even dangerous as this area is wild.

Face is well exposed to the sun and this will need so good weather check as the snow can be wet quickly, there is different options of lines, from steep skiing or some more gentle skiing.

Once the steep part passed few trees will be on the way where the river will be guiding alongside the road bringing us back to the bottom of the "L'essert" gondola.

Weather windows must be good and autonomous skills highly required.

Way done might need as well some good pushing or skins back so take a full day for this trip.