A scenic ride along the lake, which can be used to access much deeper backcountry.


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The Lakeside Trail is an artery of transportation into the interior of Chugach State Park.

In the summer, it's used by hikers, bikers, and ATV riders––as a quick jaunt, all-day outing, or as the approach to a long trip in the backcountry.

The trail is particularly good for biking because it follows an old roadbed, and the natural surface of glacially ground stone makes for smooth riding. For much of the trail's length, there is actually a designated path for hiking and biking that's separate from the ATV road.

This non-motorized track is much more pleasant to ride than the road, and has much better views along the lake.

Look for the signs that denote non-motorized variations. What's mapped here is a one-way route to Serenity Falls Hut.

This is a beautiful and popular hut for backcountry stays near the Eklutna Glacier (reservations required).

Whether using the hut or not, this is the jumping-off point for trekking toward the glacier and other remote destinations.

You can bike the trail farther than the hut, but not much farther.

The bridge near the hut makes a good turnaround point for a bike ride, or a stash point for continuing on foot. You can of course go any distance out and back instead of taking the trail to its end.

For a short outing, you might ride just to the "5-Mile Bridge"–– a notable bridge over a creek about 5 miles from the start of the trail.

Note also that if you don't have a bike, you can rent one right at the trailhead.

A local outfitter is often set up there during the summer.

In the winter, Eklutna Lake remains accessible, and this trail is loved by fat-tire bikers.