A long line mixing steepness, some optional cliff drops and avalanches danger.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Access to this line is really easy as you just turn left once on the black slope "Les Rhododendrons" line is optional but the one set up is without cliffs.

Cliffs can be taken into the left side of the line, remember entrance is really steeps where cornice can be found what make the face easy going in terms of avalanches, so precaution about weather checked need to be taken.

We are into a north east face where the sun is not often present and just under 2000 meters meaning some good quantity of snow can be here.

Steep skiing skills needed as we will need to be aware how to manage to react in case of avalanche.

Second part of the line will be without much steepness, and trees will make the navigation of the line what will bring us back to the red slope "Les Rochassons" where a lot of traffic happen over there.

Access to the "Pierre longue" chairlift will bring us back to the "Plaine Dranse" plateau.

Really good and long line only for good level riders.