This trek, starting in picturesque Truso valley, explores the Keli volcanic plateau - barren, rocky, but incredibly colorful piece of land lying west of Georgian Military Highway. Only a few people ever come hiking here as this area is in the proximity of the separatist territory of South Ossetia (or, in Georgian, Samachablo) and the terrain is quite difficult. The highlight of the trip is a crossing of two 3400m high mountain passes and a visit to the glacial Kelitsadi lake.



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Duration: 3 days Distance (27 km) is more suitable for a 2-day trek, but there is no proper camping spot around Khorisar pass so most of the people split this trek into three days. Difficulty: Hard Not far on the map, but it´s necessary to cross two mountain passes and the area is pretty remote.

Moreover, there is often no trail to follow. Accommodation: There are no guesthouses or shelters along the route -> you will need a tent. Water: Since this trek crosses an elevated volcanic plateau, there are very few water sources - the only reliable ones are the Esikomi river and the lake itself.

That means that you should carry about 4-5 liters when leaving Kvemo Okrokana, enough to get you to the lake.

Along the way, you will pass several snowfields which can serve as an emergency source of water, but those may be dirty, so better take a water filter.