A fun bike park trail, but the real riding is in all the variations leading from the main line.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Les Houches Bike Park is......different.

If you arrive looking for perfectly sculpted flow trails and carefully graded features you’re going to be disappointed.

If you want lift accessed raw and natural feeling trails, if you search for the words “loamy” “steep” and “rooty”, well, I think you might have found what you’ve been looking for.

Alpage Respect is the main official bike park trail.

Graded at blue it will be a challenge if that’s towards the top of your ability, red would be a fairer grading at most bike parks, however don’t let that put you off, whilst it can look intimidating on first pass all of the easiest lines roll with no need to take air and the sections with more roots are never too steep.

This isn’t the attraction in Alpage Respect however.

Much like in tree skiing where you find the main entrance and exits to an area then start exploring different lines on every run, so the fun in Alpage Respect is in all the lines that lead off it, to then rejoin somewhere much lower down.

Thanks to the local Les Houches Bike Crew working in conjunction with the official bike park team new trails crop up constantly, all hand built and with an emphasis on natural feeling turns making the most of the natural terrain and loamy dirt.

These trails appear, change, get left to rest, then reworked and reopened with such regularity it’s difficult to keep the map up to date, but look and ye shall find.