About as good as flow trails get, about as good as backdrops get









FATMAP difficulty grade



If there's a problem with biking in the Mont Blanc area it's that there's not really much at the easier end of the spectrum.

Thousand meter plus descents featuring every type of gnar known to mountain biker kind is great, but sometimes you just want a nice flow trail.

And that's where "Wizz" comes in.

From the top of the second Bettex telecabinz, cruise through the green graded bike playground and coast over to the start of Wizz just under the Mont d'Arbois telecabine.

The trail is graded blue and that's pretty much spot on, as you're soon going to discover.

There's no shortage of shapes to pull up and launch from if that's your thing, but if you're happier with the wheels on the ground you can hit the same features and not even notice there's jump.

Virtually every corner is bermed to take the stress out of cornering and even the sections of gravel road that link the three sections of flow trail are stress free breaks from concentrating on the riding to look at the magnificent Mont Blanc backdrop. A short coast along the gravel road brings you back to the Bettex lift ready for another lap, or an icecream, your choice.