A tough line where good skills are needed.









FATMAP difficulty grade



There's a great mix of everything in this line, which is accessed by crossing the red slope "Les Rochassons" and the blue slope "Le chésery".

Continue straight under the "Plaine dranse" chairlift.

The navigation is really easy as the chairlift is our main guide and it's hard to get lost but the skiing can be technical.

The beginning is a flat section, then at the entrance is a cliff.

It depends of you but there are lines through the cliff that don't require big drops but this part is still not easy as a fall would be unpleasant to say the least.

Falling is the main hazard in this part of the line, so if in doubt, don't ski super fast.

Technical turns will be needed and steep skiing skills are helpful if you get stuck into some trees.

The area is steep and despite the trees avalanches can happen really easily in this part of the mountain.

The line joins the red slope "Les Rochassons" which accesses the "Plaine Dranse" chairlift or the "Pierre longue" chairlift.

Remember that the red slope "Les Rochassons" is often busy.