A fabulous ridge line with stunning 360 degree mountain views of summits and glaciers.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



A full day out which offers excellent views of Chamonix Valley, Mont Blanc, the Aiguille Rouges, and of the nearby summits in Switzerland. Begin from Montroc train station and climb into the forest towards The-le-Champ.

The trees offer welcome shade on a hot day.

Head for the Aiguillette des Posettes which is sign posted.

You will hike through a very pleasant pine and spruce forest with a trail that often has a lot of roots, but is never hard.

Eventually you will rise above the tree line and be welcomed with stunning views of the Le Tour glacier, and the peaks beyond.

In early summer the path is lined with fabulous alpine wild flowers and is a joy.

The route then gets a little steeper and climbs up the snout of the ridge.

At times there is some exposure but never anything serious, and the trail is good.

I have never know anyone have problems with the trail in the sense of being worried about the mountain dropping away no the left hand side.

You then you stay high as you hike along the ridge towards the Aiguillette and the summit at 2001m which makes a great lunch spot.

Make sure you have a warm layer for the ridge line as there is often a breeze.

To make a full day of this hike, you would then head for the Col des Posettes, and then take the traversing line back along the flank of the mountain heading for Le Tour.

Drop down to Le Tour on a very pleasant track through the trees, and head for the cafe at the bottom for a well deserved drink!