Amazing single trail in Neustift im Stubaital, accessible by Elferbahn









FATMAP difficulty grade



We can easily say that this trail is the twin of Ein Einser Trail, the other one located in the same area.

The two trails are indeed really similar in terms of terrain and shaping technique but hey - this is definitely something you won’t have to worry about! These trails are so awesome and fun that - even if the style is really similar - you will never get enough of them! The run is pretty long and full of technical sections which will make your suspensions working pretty hard! Challenge your bike and your body in a top to bottom run without breaks, it is really challenging but fun! Some narrow turns require a fast bike handling, especially in wet conditions and - often - the bike handling is not even enough: for getting the best lines out of this trail, you would probably have to ride it several times, and this makes it even more exciting! At three quarters of its total length, it merges with the Ein Einsere Trail, with which it shares the wooden drops and the wall ride - but also the hut where to rinse yourself and get some amazing Tirolean food with a Bavarian beer: yes, the owner has Bavarian corigins and that’s the reason why you could get the best Bavarian beers from him! The very last section is a berms party: a long snake from the hut till the valley where an asphalt road will bring you back to the parking, first crossing the river and then riding on the national road for a couple of hundred meters! You won’t get disappointed by this trail!