a very exposed, difficult hike with lots of rock, skree, gravel. Beautiful views all the way up...straight up. The trail starts into a climb immediately at the start


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



Hiking to Mount Sparrowback Peak is agreat experience.

Best suited for hikers with experience.

The trail starts with inclining trails through the forest, and then turns into a steep ascent through the trees that lasts quite a while until users get to more of a rocky area that without proper hiking shoes seems more like a scramble.

Once on the rocky terrain, the trail does become even more of a gradual incline through some field areas with a moderate amount of trees before arriving at the lower base of Reed Ridge.

Once past the more flat ridge, the trail returns to the nailbighting moderate steepness of rocky areas that ascends to the upper base of Reeds Ridge, and then turns into the final long stretch of loose rock before reaching the first weather station which is at the base of the final ascent to the summit.

Finally, the trail becomes a very steep scramble to get to the summit where the second weather station is found. It’s definitely long, but because of the different phases, the hike is a lot more enjoyable and folks can take breaks between the sections if they choose.

Plus, the many views along the way are awesome. During the winter season, there will be heaps of snow dumped in the mountains - especially at this trail where the summit reaches 3 121 metres.

This area is considered backcountry avalanche hiking in winter, so definitely heed warnings at the trailheads or in the local parks before trekking.

Breaking through and beyond the tree-line requires a ton of energy, so be sure to be prepared with plenty of rest and snacks