This is a nice shortcut giving access to a tree area where avalanche risk is quite high.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The line starts 100 meters before the arrival of the "La Leiche" ski lift what will make us turning into the left, cut is optional you can make it as well cutting just on top of the "linga's" gondola, cutting higher will help to void some pushing or walking.

First are is going gently into a second part where there is more steepness, and where our line is starting more seriously, remember we are below a steep part on our left and avalanche can come form the left ridge.

Won't recommend to stay too long in this part as you pretty much alone in this part, lower part of our run is optional as well however trees will make you line as it's all depends of the snow cover as the face is well protected from the sun, snow cover is often good there, danger will remain from the left ridge where good accumulation of snow can bring avalanches, we will join back to the blue slope "La Forgne" or the black slope "Fran├žoise Macchi" what ever you like and these will get you back to the bottom of the linga's stadium.