Wonderful high level historic hike between Plan de l'Aiguille and Montenvers


2 - 3









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A great traverse across the mountainside below the Mont Blanc Massif with views to the Aiguille Rouge mountains across the valley.

Begin by taking the world famous Aiguille du Midi cable car to the mid station.

Descend here and begin your hike towards Montenvers train station where you will take the train back down, saving the knees big time! The hike is very pleasant and never too difficult.

Leaving the cable car you turn left out of the door, and follow the signs towards Montenvers.

At times the trail winds in and out of giant boulders deposited by the glaciers in days gone past.

Evidence of the power of nature at a time when the glaciers were more active.

Along the route you will often hear Marmots calling with their shrill 'alarm' whistle, and they can often be seen perched on the rocks checking out any threats.

The trail undulates in places and there is some ascent to be done.

Eventually you will come to a trail junction with a trail heading steeply up to Signal Forbes.

If you do not want to climb you can carry on straight along the traverse via an ancient rock paved trail that ends at the train station at Montenvers.

However, we recommend, if you have the energy, to climb to Signal Forbes which is a stunning view point over the Mer de Grace glacier.

It is called Signal Forbes after the famous glaciologist James Forbes, from Scotland, who published one of the first every scientific papers on glaciers in the 1800's.

Signal Forbes also makes a great lunch spot and the views really are utterly amazing.

From here you descend to the railway station at Montenvers, itself a historic structure.