Lovely half-day hike to this viewpoint which offers views up to the glacier


2 - 3









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A great little hike that is ideal for a half day and easily accessible by public transport.

Take a train or bus to Argentiere then from the centre of the village take the road across the river, and through the old village.

You soon come to the end of the road, and here you continue under the railway bridge to find the foot path which is signed to La Pierre a Bosson.

It is the kind of route that has been very popular for many years as a nice hike, that gives exercise and a designation that offers views up towards the Argentiere Glacier.

Climb steadily and at times steeply through the pine and spruce forest until you reach the end of the trail.

This terminates at a viewpoint which has railings all around it for safety, yet allows you to view the rocky gorge below and the glacier above.

Descend part of the way down the route you climbed up on, and then you can go right towards Le Tour and Montroc before looping back round to Argentiere.

This gives a bit of variety on the descent.

Back at Argentiere there any many cafes and bars where you can enjoy a refreshment.