A wild line joining back to the Petit Chatel area to the bottom of the ski lift into a line crossing private filed and roads.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Easy access on this line as we do have more or less 2 options either the top of the Petit Chatel chairlift or we can go down the Barbossine chairlift.

This is more like a way home line we will do instead of taking the lift.

No steepness issues or avalanches, as we are just over 1300 meters and the lack of steepness will void any problems.

Remember we are going to the bottom of the area of the chairlift Petit Chatel where houses and flats are present and private field.

Main danger will be the lack of snow due the South West exposure and depends the season some lack of base.

As well some fences will be always present into some fields, would not recommend this area in case of low visibility around.

You will need to take of the skis as we will cross the road of the Petit Chatel, bringing you back to the Petit Chatel chairlifts going back to the Barbossine's area and further the main plateau area of Super Chatel.