An original way to go back to the bottom of the ski resort, where sections of trees can be found.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the Gondolas you need to get into the red slope "La Combe" where you continue straight after the bottom of the chairlift.

The entrance is kind of funny as you can't really see where you're going but just go straight ahead You will be on the right side of a little forest with a little bit of steepness and some tight trees that will test your skills.

As we are into some low altitude avalanches risk should be huge however steepness can make it happen, main danger will the lack of base as this part of the mountain is taking a lot of sun.

Icy snow can be found in case of rain shower or wet snow due to some high temperature, we will be close as well properties so keep an eyes if you are going into lower part in case of fences.

We aiming to join the bottom the red slope to arrived into the bottom of the resort, either to go to the village or taking back the Gondola.