Steep hike from Celebration Park that leaves the crowds behind and finds a unique view over rural Idaho.


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This butte is actually an old volcano beside the Snake River.

If you climb high enough onto it, you'll notice a large depression rimmed by lava rock, which is, in fact, the remnant of its eruption crater.

Even from a distance, you can spot striking formations in the jagged basalt, including a tower protruding like a giant finger from the hillside. It's a short but steep hike to get onto the butte from Celebration Park, which is a popular recreation area in spring and fall.

Begin from the end of the road, just outside the park entrance, and walk across the historic railroad bridge.

You'll want to pause to enjoy views along the Snake River here. Continue across and take the sharply inclined path that heads up the butte.

It's short but still takes some work.

Most people reach the rock outcrops atop the first climb and remain content with the view there.

You can go farther, however, by scrambling along the ridge or by dropping down into the crater. The actual summit of the butte is across the crater and up another hill.

The trail becomes less apparent the farther you go, but there's a discernible path through the grass and sage that goes all the way up.

The top is an arcing plateau with basalt cliffs on one side, with one point slightly higher than the rest.

There you'll find a large cairn and perhaps a summit register, plus a rewarding view over Idaho countryside and the Owyhee Mountains.