The main stem of the awesome City Creek trail system, right outside of Old Town Pocatello.









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The trail called City Creek provides the main access to the City Creek trail system, which has some of Pocatello’s best mountain biking.

If you’re just checking out the area, this is a good place to start.

You can ride Lower to Upper City Creek, then find other trails to branch out from there. From the Lower City Creek trailhead, it starts as a wide two-way track, but soon forks and becomes directional for bikes.

Follow the well-signed uphill route, which bobs among leafy trees and crosses several bridges over a little creek. After about a mile, the directional portion ends and the trail becomes two-way, then emerges in a clearing at a junction.

From there, you could turn on Bench trail to ride downhill and make the Lower City Creek loop, or go straight to continue on Upper City Creek.

The Upper trail comes with similar scenery as the Lower, but the climb is a bit tougher, with more rocks and steeper grades.

There’s one super steep pitch that turns into a brief hike for most. Upper City Creek ends at a dirt road, which you could take higher into the hills if you want to.

Otherwise, simply turn and burn the downhill back to the junction, then hop on Bench trail and enjoy a scenic cruise on open hillsides to get back to the start.