Short and sweet walk through the woods, to the spectacular viewing deck at Eagle River Nature Center.


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In any collection of photos from Eagle River, you'll probably notice a wooden deck over a blue creek, against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.

This is the classic image from Eagle River Nature Center, and you can find it with just a short walk on Rodak Trail.

More than just the photo opp, though, you'll find interpretive signs about the natural habitat that surrounds.

You might even catch a glimpse of resident wildlife. Begin at the nature center and follow the well-marked path through the forest, which is smooth enough for strollers and some wheelchairs.

The first part of this trail actually follows the historic route of the Iditarod dogsled trail, which you can learn more about in the nature center.

Rodak then turns and goes to the "Salmon Viewing Deck" which is where you'll find the picture-perfect view.

You can also peer into the crystal clear pools and look for baby salmon underwater. There's another platform called the "Beaver Viewing Deck" a bit farther on.

As of 2021 there are no longer beavers inhabiting this area, but they come and go with the years so you might get lucky and see one.

You can still learn about their habits from the signs at this platform, and of course enjoy the panorama.

From there it's a short stroll up a small hill to get back to the nature center. Sources: