From white-sands beaches to remote peaks, experience the entirety of the UK's largest archipelago









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An amazing bikepacking journey through some of the most remote areas the UK has to offer.

This route starts its journey in the rugged North coast of Lewis, following this coast you will find secluded beaches contrasted with sea cliffs of epic proportions.

For the brave (or perhaps naive), this route goes deep into the rugged Lewis hills, however be warned - this is very much off-piste hike-a-bike.

Once you reach Harris, you follow the lesser trodden East coast which dips in and out of beautiful calm sea lochs.

After crossing the sounds of Harris (either by ferry or for the more adventurous packraft), you’ll work your way down the eternally windy Uist islands enjoying wildlife and beaches that wouldn’t look out of place in the Bahamas.

Another final crossing over the Sound of Barra will take you onto the home stretch where you can get the ferry back to the town of Oban.

The prevailing wind runs S/SW so a good idea to check the conditions before deciding your direction and pack plenty of spares, services on the island are very limited.