The home straight on a long inland trail, before the ferry returns you to civilisation & post hike celebrations.


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Day 7 is the final day on trail, you are less than 7km from completing one of the most iconic trails in Canada.

You can't celebrate too early though, this part of the trail is rated as the most difficult section by Parks Canada.

This inland route meanders through the forest, gaining in elevation till you reach the highest point on the entire West Coast Trail.

This is a typical West Coast inland trail - expect slippery terrain, mud and more ladders.

Although this is rated as the most difficult section by Parks Canada, personally I didn't think it was particularly difficult, however; it totally depends on which direction you are hiking.

If you complete this at the end of the hike, you have a much lighter backpack than you do when you started, which makes it significantly easier.

Expect this to be a challenging day if you are hiking this trail in reverse. The trail through the forest is relatively open and well maintained, this has a very similar feel to parts of the Juan De Fuca Trail, which is to be expected given its just across the Juan De Fuca Straight. The open forest and wider trail here, actually make this quite an enjoyable hike, even if it is difficult in places.

You get the occasional view down to the ocean and can enjoy the last of the bridges and ladders as you finish the trail.

As you get to the ferry pick up point, its quite fitting that the last bit of the trail is a very steep ladder down to the shore.

The ferry here picks up on a schedule, but does require you to raise a buoy to signal the boat operator.

The last ferry is at 3.30pm, so ensure you make it to the pick up point well before then.

The ferry is short, but gives great views of the surrounding mountains.

The time it takes to complete this part of the trail varies significantly depending on a number of factors.

I'd estimate the average time is 2-4 hours, add 1 hour to those times if hiking in the opposite direction.