Used to be glaciated, little to nothing left... global warming leaving it's marks. Makes us grateful to still be able to enjoy the pow. Who knows how many more generations have that luxury.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Start at Rifflseebahn Exit at just above 2200 meters of altitude.

Go straight, first slightly down following the cross country track on the right side of the lake, then uphill with skins.

Once the lake ends follow the creek bed in a long arch which slightly turns lookers left.

At about 2500m turn right (west facing).

The ridge between Loecherkogel on the left and Rostizkogel on the right is our target to get over to Kaunertal.

We keep ascending until a steeper slightly rocky section.

After that first flatter, then steeper towards the ridge.

There is two ways to approach the ridge, the obvious one is on the looker's right, the traversing to the left just before the ridge.

The entrance is one third up towards Loecherkogel, here you can get in without a rope (alternatively you can also get in by ascending slightly towards K2 on the looker's right side). From here we descend down into Kaunertal.

Watch out for sharks (ricks just under the surface) when dropping in, it can be a little chocolate chippy.

The descent first turns skier's right until you reach the patch under the lowest part of the ridge.

Now turn left and stick with the flow.

The descent is awesome, flowy, not difficult and nicely remote.