Cool lakes and then a fun ridgewalk to top it off


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



Pleasant hike to the end of the fourth lake and then difficulty turned way up.

Following Alltrails GPS it looked like I was head for a rock wall with no way up but as I got closer a way up appeared.

I initially followed the GPS route but after climbing a bit it turned more dangerous than I liked so I turned around and went up where the rock met the scree.

Once at the ridge it looked sketchy so I told myself I'd only go as far as I could safely.

It turned out every part that looked scary wasn't bad once I got there so I kept going.

That is until I had almost completed the loop.

Alltrails says there is a cairn along the ridge but I couldn't find it.

That was also at a point where I had to choose which way to go.

I ended up staying on the ridge which I think was correct but that was also where it felt the most dangerous.

Coming down the ridge I veered off the GPS somehow and I was extremely thankful I was able to make it down, there were some parts that I didn't enjoy.

10/10 would not do again.