A popular overlook hike on the Standing Stone Trail, with a steep flight of rock stairs to test your stamina.


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1000 Steps is one of the most popular day hikes on the [Standing Stone Trail](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/237/pennsylvania's-finest-hike-the-standing-stone-trail), offering spectacular views looking south and west from the overlook.

A carefully constructed stairway of rocks kicks things off, and the trail begins a steep climb right out of the parking lot.

The hike is also part of the Great Eastern Trail, an ongoing project to link numerous long trail, often paralleling the Appalachian Trail along nearby ridgelines.

This hike includes the Thousand Steps View and Mapleton Overlook, both offering commanding views to the south and west.

Either one offers impressive views, or you can visit both (seen here) for a slightly longer day on the trail.

The climb is less than 1/2-mile, but gains nearly 1,000' between the parking lot and overlooks.

Stairs are also marked every 100' to help you track your progress along the way. According to standingstonetrail.org, "the steps were built in the 1950s by quarry workers who cut away a large slice of Jacks Mountain to quarry the ganister stone used to make silica bricks." The quarry began operating in the early 1900s and peaked around 1920, and with nearly a half-million bricks produced daily, Mountain Union earned the title of *Bricktown USA*. The trailhead for this hike is located off a state highway near Mapleton and situated between Mount Union and Huntingdon.

Neither restrooms nor water are available, so plan accordingly.

The hike is also open year-round, though winter ice and snow could make it less enjoyable.

The summer wildflowers, fungi, and deep green mosses seen on the trail make it much more enjoyable in the spring and fall. [SST](standingstonetrail.org)