A classic route to the highest volcano in the area.



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The Nevados de Chillan is one of the classics Andean ski lines and the highest mountain in the Ñuble region.

It is a stratovolcano and glacier sitting at 3212 meters above sea level. This is a long route that can be a full day outing or can be divided into two days as it requires a high level of fitness to do it in a oner.

Be careful because it is a glacier and there may be crevasses, especially in spring. The access to the tour is through the Shangrila Valley, a private area, where only bicycles and pedestrians have access.

(The entrance is on one side of the gate).

Once you pass the main gate you must follow the road until you reach the sector where there are two roads.

Turn right in the direction of the road that will take you to the ex Waldorf refuge.

Now, you can see how the forest opens up and the first panoramic view of the Nevado de Chillán appears. From the ex refuge, start the tour in direction to the top, to first reach the Vidaurre Volcano.

You will reach the border of a big crater, which you can cross or walk along the ridge towards the slope that goes up on the right, avoiding the steep ascent to get out of the crater.

This slope is usually icy so glacier progression equipment is required.

This is the last effort that will take you to the top.

At the top there is a monolith, enjoy the great panoramic view of all the volcanoes in the area. The descent is recommended via the area of greater accumulation of snow to avoid crevasses.

The return to the parking lot is by the ascent route We recommend you to go with the local guides of BackChillan as they are the ones who know the route of ascent and the best lines.