The easiest trail at Big Sky resort.


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Big Sky Resort now offers a bonafide beginner flow trail that can entice even the most elementary of mountain bikers to rent a bike, hire a guide, and hop on a lift to the top of the (small) mountain.

This fantastic beginner line is known as "Easy Rider," and unlike some poorly-built "beginner" trails you'll find in some bike parks across the nation, Easy Rider is an expertly-sculpted flowing singletrack that anyone can ride on any bike.

The quality of the build is absolutely superb! Easy Rider is a true mountain bike trail, but it's a wide, smooth singletrack trail with plenty of room for error.

You don't have to worry about hitting the exact right line—you have a couple of feet of room to play with so that you can get the feel of the bike under you and get used to handling a two-wheeled contraption. Even so, Easy Rider will help you learn useful skills.

The trail incorporates low banked corners that help you get used to turning and riding berms.

Wide-open straightaways allow you to pick up a little speed if you so desire...

but you can quickly reign things back in with your brakes.

A few grade reversals and rolls in the undulating terrain help you get the feel of working the terrain and moving with the mountain.

By building these basic skills, you'll soon be able to level up to the other faster, more feature-rich trails in the area!