A fantastic, little-ridden jump line.


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It takes a bit of work to reach the somewhat hidden Otter Slide Trail.

After riding up the very slow Explorer lift, you'll drop down a short section of singletrack, then descend a gravel road away from the core of the bike park.

Then, a hard left turn requires you to pedal back uphill for a few minutes to reach Otter Slide.

And after you finish the descent, you'll have to climb a bit to get back to the chairlifts. This slight bit of pedaling keeps most other riders off of Otter Slide, meaning that even on a busy day, you might not see a single other rider on this trail.

That also means Otter Slide is a beautifully-packed trail with almost no braking bumps or trail wear.

It's a real gem that's worth the work to access it. Otter Slide is arguably the next step up in Big Sky's progression from Happy Hooves.

This fantastic flow trail offers high-speed descending, delightful banked berms, and fantastic jumps. The jumps overall are a bit smaller than those found on Snake Charmer, but the features here seem a bit more creative.

You'll encounter high speed back-to-back berms, tabletop jumps, small hips, and long-distance booters.

The ride down Otter Slide is diverse and entertaining.

This trail is a true gem for intermediate riders and advanced mountain bikers alike. Don't overlook Otter Slide when you visit Big Sky—be sure to put in the time to check it out!