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Happy Hooves is the easiest flow trail dropping off the Ramcharger lift in the Big Sky Bike Park.

Even though it might be considered "easy," it's still a crowd-pleaser thanks to its fast trail speed and massive banked corners. Happy Hooves drops fast and furious down the mountainside, offering superb flow as it whips through huge berms.

The big berms and well-built trail flow help keep the speed high and the trail predictable. On the way down, you'll spot a variety of jump options.

Happy Hooves has some of the easiest jumps on the mountain.

You can either choose to roll right over them and not take air, or look for the flags in the dirt that mark the lips.

Practice popping off the lips, and feel how you can tailor the amount of air you're grabbing by how well you preload and pop. Be sure to scout the trail before you really send the jumps.

While these are some of the easiest jumps in the park, a few can be tricky and non-intuitive, especially one blind lip leading into a massive downslope.

If you boost that one too much, you could find yourself soaring a very long way.

Similarly, if you're an advanced rider, be sure to dial in to the trail speed before launching some of the tabletops—otherwise, you might significantly overshoot them. If you're an intermediate rider looking for a high-speed ripping downhill with the chance to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time, Happy Hooves might just be your favorite trail in the Big Sky Bike Park.