An old school feature-rich descent.


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The Strawberry trail is a remote non-motorized singletrack that sees few riders, yet it's a hidden gem that is well-worth the effort to reach. The ride begins from the standard Brush Creek Trailhead, climbing the Farris Creek road up and over the ridge and through some wide-open meadows.

After a surprisingly mellow pedal, you'll reach the Farris Creek trail and then peel off onto the Strawberry trail. Once on Strawberry, you'll have to do a bit of steep climbing before reaching a fence line and the high point of the ride.

Now, it's time to descend! The rip down Strawberry descends old-school singletrack through a deep, dark forest.

Some sections are smooth and fast, but the smooth and fast sections are punctuated by substantial technical obstacles.

Most of these can be bypassed, but if you don't, you can blast through several burly rock gardens, ledge drops, rock rolls, and steep chutes.

Off to the right-hand side are several optional jumps and drops to make things even rowdier, if you so desire. This is a truly rad old-school rip, and with the multiple line options, you can make it as technical or as tame as you want to.

If you send all of the features, this trail could easily get a "Severe" FATMAP rating.

But if you route around the most difficult spots, this route only scores a "Difficult" rating. Finish up the ride with a romp down the stunning Death Pass trail to Strand Bonus and Canal, and you'll quickly be back to your car.