Wide and fast red line in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Bikepark - the perfect track for training jumps!


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Strada del Sole is the longest red line in Serfaus, starting at 2800 meters and going straight down to the parking lot.

This line is both recommended for rookie riders and advanced riders; however, it only delivers its best to more experienced riders due to the high speed and long jumps.

The jump line is among the very best and is a clear must-ride for everyone who already has some experience. Beginners - don’t get scared, though! The jumps are almost all rollable tables which let you enjoy some airtime if you're still not confident with speed. There are some special obstacles too, especially drops and doubles, but they are easily recognizable even without prior knowledge, thanks to the signs on the trails.

They always offer a chicken line, too.

The biggest obstacle is a pretty big drop, about halfway down the course, which gaps over the chicken line. This might be the widest trail you’ve ever ridden—it feels like a highway.

This is a fast trail and is really well designed in order to keep a high speed without touching the brakes that often, even though in some parts you really cannot avoid it.

If you’ve been riding this line, you are also probably ready to hit the medium drops at the skills park located at the bottom of the trails before going for the next run!