Various terrains are waiting for you on this black track! From drops to rock gardens and jumps - it has it all!


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The Hill Bill is a very technical, demanding trail.

That's why - together with Downhill Strecke - it is classified as a black track, and it really requires advanced riding skills.

The trail offers a mix of terrain: it indeed leads over root and rock gardens, tricky and technical passages, and drops, but it also goes over some artificial features such as jumps, gaps, and large wooden structures.

This mixture definitely guarantees action and thrills for experienced bikers, who can find a different option to the flow trails in this bike park.

The technicality of this trail and the huge amount of roots and rocks make it really slippery and dangerous when wet - sometimes it might also be closed due to safety reasons. The access to the trail - as all of them in Serfaus - is through the gondola, which starts from the parking lot.

A really smooth and fast ride will take you to the top, and you will now be ready to drop in.

The first section offers the possibility of dropping from the roof of an old wooden house, but this could easily be skipped thanks to a chicken line.

The trail merges again with Strada del Sole and Milky Way, where the bridge over the forest road is.

So there's no need to worry if, after the first section, you would rather ride an easier trail—you can now pick another line.

If you decide to keep on riding Hill Bill, from here, you’ll keep shredding roots, rocks, and jumps till the very end, where another lap is waiting for you!