The downhill track of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis - challenge yourself in this technical ride!


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What if - after having spent different gondola laps riding the amazing flow trails in this area - you feel like putting your suspension under a stress test on a really rough trail? Well, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has you covered here, as well: it’s time to hit the Downhill line! Get ready for an injection of pure adrenaline! What do you have to expect when riding this trail? Root passages, stone fields, and jumps definitely dominate the line, but you'll also find wooden structures and berms that demand a constant focus and a really experienced riding level.

In addition to all the technical features that you will find on this trail, it requires quite a fast and straight line towards the valley compared to all the other lines.

This means that the trail is pretty steep.

Advanced riders will find riding here a pleasure, but if you still don’t feel 100% confident, it is definitely better to keep it easier and gain some more experience on the more mellow trails next to this one before stepping up your game. To access the trail, you have to ride the top section of any of the three trails starting from the mountain station of the gondola until the wooden bridge where they all merge together and follow, for the upcoming short section, either Strada del Sole or Milky Way.

A few meters below the bridge, it will be possible to traverse on the forest road to rider’s left until the entrance of the Downhill track.

The line will now go all the way down to the bottom station on the extreme rider’s left part of the bike park.