Amazing flow trail with a small jumpline at the bottom!


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From the gondola starting from the main parking lot in Andalo Zone, you can access two different trails: Willy Wonka, beginning from the mid-station, and Hustle and Flow from the top station, which then merges into Willy Wonka. Hustle and Flow is excellent for progressing from the easy lines of Willy Wonka, as it is still a really flow one, but also offers some extra features that Willy Wonka does not.

The trail starts behind the top station of the gondola and - after a transfer on the forest road - dives straight into the forest where the real trail starts.

In this first section, you can enjoy the berms and some technical sections with roots and rock rolls.

The trail goes on a ski slope and then enters the forest again: in this last section of forest, you can finally enjoy some more technicalities than the other trails in Andalo Zone.

Some small jumps will slowly lead you to a bigger jump line, with three bigger jumps.

Do not get scared—even if you approach them with low speed, you can just roll the tables or even land short.

These are perfectly shaped for learning and to help you get confident about your air time! A nice wooden wall leads you to the exit, exactly where Willy Wonka trail is about to start.

You'll also notice a big hut with a nice restaurant.

This is a nice area for families too.

Next to the hut there’s a playground for kids - they will definitely love it! Challenge yourself in an endless top to bottom run connecting the two trails—it will be exhausting, but for sure fun!