Flowy and smooth trail, the perfect line for beginners in Paganella Bike Area!


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You probably first got to know the whole Paganella Bike Area thanks to this trail, which might be considered the iconic trail that appears all over the magazines and web thanks to its famous wooden structures. The trail is located in the Andalo Zone, in between Molveno and Fai, and it’s accessible from the bottom of the lift’s mid-station, just where a big hut is located.

Starting from Andalo is a strategic decision, allowing you to go both directions in the resort, either towards Fai for more advanced riding or Molveno if you’re looking for a more chilled riding day. Willy Wonka is the best first ride of the day for warming up, but also to keep looping if you’re experiencing downhill for the first time.

It never gets boring! It is ideal for every kind of rider, too: rollers and perfect berms for beginners, but also bigger rollers and humps that can be jumped by more experienced riders.

The trail itself, even if really well-shaped and clean, allows the more experienced riders to play around on the natural features and the shaped ones, using all the possibilities this trail has to offer. The lowest section offers a small jump line that's perfect for riders just getting into jumping.

Once you can clear all the jumps on Willy Wonka, you are ready to move to Hustle & Flow - the trail just above this one - where you can bring your riding to the next level!