Blue flow line in Paganella Bike Area featuring some small jumps.


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Fai della Paganella is the zone of Paganella Bike Park which offers the most for downhill oriented riders.

Besides the technical trails, though, Fai Zone offers this entry level line, which definitely fits different riding styles and levels.

This characteristic is indeed common when it comes to Paganella Bike Area trails: big shoutout to the trail builders who managed to give a shape to these lines in order to let all the riders have lots of fun.

This specific trail offers some double jumps which could also be rolled if approached with not enough speed or if you aren't confident enough yet, as well as berms, rocks, and other features which always let the riders choose the one which fits their style and their group of friends. The entrance of the trail is just at the top station of the chairlift - the one bringing you up straight from the parking lot - just next to Mériz hut.

This hut is a perfect spot for resting in between the runs and enjoying some proper Italian espresso.

Peter Pan Trail shares the first section with Easy Rider Trail, but then - while Easy Rider becomes rougher - Peter Pan continues with flow berms, easy jumps, and small doubles.

The trail goes all the way down until merging again for the last section with Easy Rider.

Here you can challenge yourself into jumping the three wooden drops at the bottom, just in front of the valley station. This trail is a lot of fun for everyone, and also the one to start on if you’re a beginner and riding in Fai Zone - but no worries, advanced riders are going to have fun too.