Enduro loop including Holy Hansen trail, a perfect single trail in Göflan!


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Holy Hansen is the most iconic trail in the whole Vinschgau valley.

It is where everything started: this trail was the first pure trail built for bikers in the area, thanks to the admiring commitment of the local’s biking community.

Besides being an amazing trail, it also deserves to be ridden as a celebration of the local biking movement.

The trail itself is also one of the most fun in the whole area, and it easily suits many different kind of riders: from beginners to experts.

The trail is mostly well-shaped, smooth, and pure flow, but also has few challenging passages. To access the trail, a climb of approximately 850m is needed, all the way up to Gasthaus Hasl.

There's a short transfer to the entrance of the trail, and then comes the reward! The Holy Hansen Trail gently welcomes riders with a very smooth and enjoyable first section: rollers, berms, and small doubles are mostly predominant here. But beware: on the third and fourth sections of the trail, some steep and treacherous sections await.

Here, a good riding technique is certainly necessary.

Beginners will probably have to take it easier and walk the bike for a couple of meters when they don't feel confident enough.

In these steep sections, you can find rock gardens and rolls, which make the riding here more technical.

The remaining sections of the Holy Hansen Trail are more relaxing, leading all the way to the village again through rollers and shaped berms.