Easy loop with a flow single-trail from Göflan


1 - 2









FATMAP difficulty grade



This trail is definitely the best option in Vinschgau when you’re craving a quick enduro ride starting from the village.

This short enduro loop starts with a climb of approximately 20 minutes from town all the way up to the entrance of the trail, which is located on the asphalt road leading to Gasthaus Hasl.

The Aigen trail starts with freshly shaped berms and really smooth terrain.

With a long traverse, you will cross the mountain to the east, passing next to a farm.

It is a really easy trail - which is classified as S1 - but also offers fun terrain for playful riders with some small doubles and small jumps.

The last section offers a little more natural trail riding, with a few sprints included. This is an easy trail - you don’t have to expect crazy technical riding here.

There are many more options in the valley for technical riding.

But this trail is a really enjoyable one.

This loop also provides interesting training for XC riders—I have seen different hardtails here. Once at the bottom, you can easily transfer back to your apartment or your hotel through the numerous cycling paths connecting every small village in the valley.

Alongside the cycling paths and into the villages there are many bars where you can stop for a drink and enjoy the Italian sunshine.