Amazing high alpine trails with insane landscapes.


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The most iconic alpine trail of Vinschgau will make you dive into an amazing alpine experience, surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Alps.

The Goldsee Trail starts from an altitude of 2757m, more precisely from the ridge of Stilfserjoch, the highest mountain pass in Italy.

This trail is filled with history as it was created during the First World War as a military path.

The area here was a hotspot during the Great World War.

If you are looking for alpine adventures and crazy landscapes, this is probably going to be one of the greatest ones you’ve experienced.

The landscape from the entrance is mind-blowing, with huge glaciers on one side, Ortler peak in the back, and a very long road with endless turns cutting the mountain down until the valley.

The first part of the trail crosses the mountain heading north until the Golden Lake (Goldsee).

During this first section, you can always admire the majesty of Ortler on the rider’s right.

The trail here is never too narrow, and it could almost be considered a flow trail, especially for experienced riders.

From the Golden Lake, the route drops into the Big Bam Trail which ends all the way down at Traffic.

This zig-zag trail has both flow corners and switchback turns, but delivers a lot of fun and elevation drop. This whole tour is the perfect mix of technical riding and flow trails, with amazing landscapes on top. Due to the really rewarding landscapes, this trail is often used by hikers too - that’s why the local authority had to put some restrictions on the time you can actually ride bikes here.

You can start the trail latest at 9am or after 4pm.

This is not a problem at all though: all the shuttle companies leave from the valley at 7:30 in order to respect the time limit, and an early start is really recommended for such a long trail.