A stunning steep and committing line that's rarely in condition, this route offers some very technical skiing.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



*This is a steep committing couloir with lots of exposure above you and avalanche terrain all around* Start at Les Lens and make your way through the forest until you reach Morzinette.

If there's a lot of snow, the trail can be hard to find for the last few hundred meters before Morzinette.

Make sure you know how to navigate! Morzinette is a beautiful place for a snack/breather while scoping out the couloir above you.

From here carry on up to the bottom of the couloir.

Depending on snow conditions and skill level you may have to start boot packing from quite far down.

Head up the couloir as far as possible.

It's normal for there to be a cornice at the top, which may prevent you from topping out and will require a transition on the steep top slope.

The cornice also represents a hazard which will need to be considered and managed. Ski down the same route you hiked up.

The line is steep and narrow at the top and eventually opens out near the bottom, allowing for some big turns in the bowl.

Watch out for avalanche debris! Go skier's right just before you reach Morzinette and descend through the trees on another forest track.

Watch out for streams and terrain traps on the way down.

Enjoy a well earned demi at the bottom! This route requires a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Always hire an instructor or guide if you're wanting to improve.