Climb Capri's highest peak and see some spectacular cliffs en route


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Monte Solaro, the highest point in Capri, offers a splendid panoramic view of the island and both the Gulf of Naples and Salerno.

The subsequent hike to the Belvedere di Migliara is also great.

The path follows a ridge above cliffs that drop steeply to the sea, where many seabirds nest in spring.

Finally, there is a beautiful view of the Punta Carena with its striking lighthouse and the fantastic limestone walls of the Marmolata cliffs. From the pier in Marina Grande, head eastwards and after passing the bar "Corallo" turn right at a water fountain into a small street.

A few steps further, at the red house on the left, climb the Via Truglio staircase.

It crosses the street twice and is called Via Aquaviva.

Pass under a terrace and then go through an old gate to reach the village of Capri at the famous Piazza Umberto I.

From there, follow Via Roma past the panoramic terrace.

Pass a small bus station on the right and come to a square with three streets branching off - turn half left into Via Marina Piccola and after about 30 m go up the ramp on the right (Via Torina).

From here on follow the signs for "Passetiello".

After an ascent up a stairway a path follows and then to the right is a viewpoint which makes for a nice resting place.

Continue straight ahead along the slope.

As soon as you get into a small forest, the path turns up to the left and leads - through a narrow rock gorge (Passetiello) - to a small pass.

Climb up the rocky slope and follow the path to the left along the slope to the chapel of S.

Maria a Cetrella, which was built in the 14th century.

This viewpoint is also called Eremo di Cetrella and sits at 476m.

There are two possibilities for the ascent to Monte Solaro - with your back to the coast, take the wide natural path past the memorial plaque "Tramonto" with a poem by R.


Rilke (the comfortable alternative).

Alternatively, head in a southerly direction, choose the paved path that turns into a path at a house and then climbs directly up and has great views of the steep coast.

Both paths lead up to the panoramic Monte Solaro, which offers a fabulous 360 degree panorama.

From the top viewing terrace - a former English gun emplacement - descend over the stairway in the opposite direction to the top station of the chair lift.

At the horizontal wheel go left, in westerly direction, through a low metal door (in case of cable car operation you may have to communicate with the staff).

A clearly visible - but initially overgrown - path goes downhill.

You'll soon reach the steep rocky ridge to the south which leads to the Cocuzzo.

Turn right and bypass a deep rock cirque which is open to the sea on a stony path.

The path then runs along the edge of the ridge under fragrant conifers.

Keeping left you'll reach the Belvedere di Migliara.

From there take the concrete road in a northeasterly direction.

Heading straight on, reach Piazza Vittoria in the centre of Anacapri with bus and cable car stations as well as several restaurants.