From Praiano to Positano, the Footpath of the Gods tackles a rocky and unforgiving section of mountain, with a demanding climb, an equally demanding descent, and spectacular views throughout.


2 - 3









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This is a fabulous hike which passes some historical sites and offers huge views across the Gulf of Salerno and the Tyrrhenian Sea. A relentless climb takes you straight out of Positano - the start point for the hike - offering little chance for a warm-up.

Is it named The Footpath of the Gods because you’ll be praying for divine intervention halfway up, or because it feels like the stairway to heaven?!?! Once you’ve gained enough height, the path flattens out, and offers spectacular views stretching along the jagged coastline.

It’s impossible to miss the iconic village of Positano tumbling up the cliff, looking like giant ‘Jenga’ game that got out of hand, which will have you reaching for the camera with great regularity, but be sure to look beyond Positano; on a clear day, you might spot the Isle of Capri. From Nocelle, there’s a sign saying it is 1,500 steps to Positano - try not to look too smug when you see walkers coming up them! By the bottom your legs will be burning, but the warren of narrow streets in Positano are perfect to get lost in, crammed-full of intrigue and with art galleries and shops galore, along with some of the best food on the Amalfi Coast.