A scenic hike through mostly-flat desert.


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If you're looking for a mellow hike that will quickly reward you with beautiful desert views, head for the Badger Pass trail. The hike begins from the popular Late Night Trailhead and heads under the highway and up a low pass toward the larger hills to the west of Vegas. The word "pass" in the name may make this hike sound more difficult than it actually is.

In reality, this trail follows a mellow climb up sandy, gravelly singletrack with nary a difficulty to overcome.

Even still, you'll soon gain some sweeping views of the desert outside of Vegas, and the beautiful mountains that flank the metro area. If you prefer, you can continue to follow the 3 Mile Smile and Dead Horse trails deeper into the desert for a much longer hike.

This will take you even further from civilization and to even better views, but it is a much longer endeavor.

See the [Dead Horse -> 3 Mile Smile Loop](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2762400/dead-horse-greater-3-mile-smile-loop) route for that variation. To make the shorter loop mapped here, at the end of the Badger Pass trail, you'll descend some short, rocky switchbacks to pick up a singletrack trail that leads back toward the highway.

After paralleling the road, you'll duck under the traffic via a tunnel to return to the Late Night Trailhead side, completing this mellow but enjoyable (almost) 5-mile loop. Finally, if you're looking for an even easier/shorter hike, simply hiking an out-and-back on the named Badger Pass trail is a popular endeavor that everyone, regardless of fitness, can enjoy!