One idea for a hilly training loop in Hillside to Hollow Reserve.


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Hillside to Hollow Reserve is one of the more popular recreation areas in Boise.

It has a rather complex web of trails draped over steep hills of sagebrush prairie.

Even though the views are wide open, the abundance of trails and lack of signs can make it all pretty confusing.

You can follow the route mapped here for a guaranteed good workout, without the guesswork of where the next turn leads. As mapped, the run starts from Hillside Park on the west side of town.

This is the quieter end of the reserve, as opposed to the popular Harrison Hollow near downtown.

You could easily start from that side instead, if it's more convenient, and quickly access the loop via other trails on the map. The trails on this loop are all well-traveled but rarely crowded.

You'll enjoy burning climbs and fast descents with rewarding views over the city and the mountains.

The ridge top does get super steep in short sections, but for the most part the trails are well graded.

Note that the tread becomes especially slick when wet, and is easily damaged.

So please avoid these trails when muddy.

And because there's no shade, this run is best saved for the milder days of the year.